It would not be fair to complete a brief on Sugar Industry without introduction of Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists.

It is an independent organization of the technologists engaged at the mills and related businesses continuously looking forward for research and efficiency for adoption and improvement of the performance of the industry.

The following introduction of PSST is presented as explained by themselves on their website

Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists is a fraternity of sugar technologists and Agronomists working in sugar mills, allied industries, commercial organizations and research institutions of Pakistan and abroad. Formed as Pakistan Sugar Technologists Association in 1955 the Society got its present name in 1966 at Lahore convention.
Since its inception in 1955 the Society is actively engaged for the advancement of standards in all related fields and for the solution of the problems confronted by the sugar and allied industries. For dissemination of knowledge the Society arranges conventions, workshops, and seminars. All the proceedings are published. During crushing season monthly synopsis of the technical results of sugar mills are also published.

The activities of the Society are arranged by an elected council which comprises the President, three Vice Presidents and General Secretary cum Treasurer under the rules and regulations /constitution of the Society.